* RF Services

RF Infrastructure Installation

Alcor Global has extensive experience in performing RF Infrastructure Installations in any environment and any size project. Our Installation Engineers, can install based on not only our own Site Surveys, but Surveys performed by other companies. Our Installation team can perform 100% of the required tasks for implementing a RF infrastructure.  Installation may include Installation and testing of Fiber; installation and Testing of CAT5e/CAT6; Installation of IDF; Installation of Access points or Access Ports; Installation of NEMA Enclosures; precise labeling and an As-built final report that captures everything you need as a reference.

Because Alcor Global is not just an cable installation company and has years of experience in RF consulting and Full System Implementations, Alcor Global can also configure your Motorola RFS Wireless Switches, Perform Access Port adoption, Configure Access Points, Configure your handheld and other mobile clients, Perform full system disaster recovery testing; and Train your administrators.