* RFID Solutions

RFID Solutions for your Business

Committed to providing the right RFID Solution for your specific need

Often times RFID Solution providers focus too much on the technology and not on providing the appropriate solution.

Alcor Global is committed to providing you the right solution and the hardware that is best suited for that solution. RFID is not merely about a chip and antenna on a label, it is not about magically reading labels without sight, it is about improving efficiency, saving you money and time.

Alcor Global and its strategic partners provide you a full RFID solution from analyzing your business processes, recommending the right solution, providing hardware, software, implementation services, and long term support.

If you have a straight forward slap and ship requirement we can provide you a full system implementation faster then any other company for a fraction of the cost. f you need a fully automated RFID Solution with Automatic Print Apply RFID Printers, Conveyors, RFID tunnels, and  Conditional conveyor diverters, we can provide you a cost effective solution that is scalable.

RFID Project Deployment

Alcor Global and its strategic partners has extensive experience in Supply Chain Solutions and RFID. With hundreds of supply chain installations, we can implement your project with the least number of unknowns and the highest degree of success.

There is so much information regarding RFID that it can be overwhelming, therefore if you have specific questions regarding RFID, don't hesitate to ask us at support@alcorglobal.com