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Spectrum and RF Coverage Analysis

From Initial Spectrum Analysis and RF Coverage to Complete Installation and Long-term Support, We Are There for You. Alcor Global   offers a complete line of Professional Services to support you throughout your data collection life cycle. From initial Spectrum Analysis for detecting Interference that may cause inefficiencies in your RF Network and RF site surveys to minimize discontinuities in RF coverage to staging/configuration/installation of your equipment, we are there. We are your trusted advisor.

Spectrum Analysis Services

Interference caused by manufacturing machinery, neighboring RF systems, wireless telephony systems can weaken your RF Network and cause discontinuities in your data. With the latest Spectrum analyzers, Alcor Global engineers detect interference and design your RF Network for optimum performance.

RF Site Surveys

Alcor Global' engineers have years of experience architecting RF Networks that ensure maximum RF coverage to minimize data drops. Alcor Global engineers use the latest tools in designing your RF Network.

Managed Services

Let Alcor Global handle the project management of your data collection system. We will manage this complex and time-consuming task.

Staging and Configuration

We can shorten your ramp-up time by getting your products ready for you.

Wireless Networking

Alcor Global has years of expertise specifying, installing and maintaining wireless LANS and wireless data collection systems.


Alcor Global' professional services team can provide anything from out- of-the- box testing to software installation and integration.

There is so much information regarding RFID that it can be overwhelming, therefore if you have specific questions regarding RFID, don't hesitate to ask us at support@alcorglobal.com