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Wireless Network Design

Wireless networks are unpreditable, we can help you.

When considering the use of wireless equipment, it is extremely difficult to predict the propagation of radio waves and detect the presence of interfering signals without the use of specialized test equipment. Even if you are using omni-directional antennas, radio waves do not travel the same distance in all directions. Walls, doors, elevator shafts, people, and other obstacles offer varying degrees of attenuation, which cause the radio frequency (RF) radiation pattern to be irregular and unpredictable.

As a result, you should have an RF site survey performed to understand fully the behavior of radio waves within a facility before installing any wireless devices. A site survey is a physical survey of the customer's premises to identify the best possible locations to install access points to ensure 100% wireless coverage, along with maximum performance, within the desired area.

The Site Survey Goal

The goal of an RF site survey is to gather enough information and data to determine the number and placement of access points that will provide the coverage required. Coverage required usually means the support of a minimum data rate in a given area. An RF site Survey will also detect the presence of radio interference coming from other sources that could degrade the performance of the wireless LAN.

Site Survey Complexity

The need and complexity of an RF site survey will vary depending on the size of the facility and the work that is to be accomplished. A site survey is a good idea for the use of any wireless device because without a survey, users could end up with inadequate coverage and suffer from low performance in some areas. The purchase of wireless equipment is no small expenditure, so it is best not to leave any portion of the project up to chance.


To ensure the accuracy of the final site survey report that Alcor Global delivers, only the latest and most sophisticated equipment is used. Handheld Spectrum Analyzers are used as a guiding tool to begin the survey. Afterwards, actual equipment is tested and retested, and then finally the report is generated with the consulting of the facility manager for current or future plans.

Wireless Staging

Before the actual installation, Alcor Global can prepare the wireless devices to ensure all units are configured and loaded with the necessary software.

Though Staging may seem like an extra step, it is one of the most important steps in the installation process. Staging makes sure when the network hardware arrives at your facility, the access points are in working order and will provide the proper coverage to their destinations.

Staging allows Alcor Global to create a wireless network seamlessly allowing your network to stay up and running without large delays in uptime. Depending on the size of your facility and the placement of access points, a complete wireless network could be set up in under a day.

There is so much information regarding RFID that it can be overwhelming, therefore if you have specific questions regarding RFID, don't hesitate to ask us at support@alcorglobal.com