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Direct ownership isn’t the only way to obtain the barcoding data collection equipment.

Direct ownership isn’t the only way to obtain the barcoding and automated data collection equipment you need. For companies that need more flexible approaches, AlcorGlobal offers a variety of choices.

What’s your situation?

If this is your case... Here’s how we can help...
“We’re moving our facilities and I need to double the number of available handheld barcode scanners for about two weeks.” For temporary peaks in use, renting may be your best option.
“My department needs a complete Data Terminals installation right now, but we’re going through a technology review next year and I don’t want to commit to a platform today.” Leasing is the way to go for longer-term use without a purchasing commitment.
“Leasing is the right financing model, but at the end of the day, I need to build equity in products I can keep.” Ask us about our barcode lease/purchase programs that give you ownership after the terms of the lease have been fulfilled.
“In eight months we’ll have a new installation, but until then, I need to fill in the gaps in our legacy system of discontinued products.” We can rent and lease from a deep inventory of Pre-Owned equipment that has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Choose your option:

Barcode and Data Terminals Rentals: The perfect answer for peak season, inventory or transitional use. We rent a wide variety of new and Pre-Owned barcode equipment that can meet your temporary needs.

Barcode and Data Terminals Leasing: A full-service approach, leasing gives you the advantage of bundling service, repair and software options into your equipment acquisition.  For example, if you have faulty equipment Ryzex will immediately send you a replacement which will minimize your downtime.  We can introduce you to our third-party partner for financing.

Leasing / Purchase: Similar to leasing, but allows you to keep the products after the leasing contract has expired.

We’ll help you select the most appropriate option.

View pricing on barcode rentals and reserve yours today or call us at 800-735-2845  7 AM to 5 PM, U.S. Pacific Time. Our Leasing and Rental experts will help you get the equipment you need at the lowest total cost of ownership.

For more information regarding Rent/Lease of equipment, please contact us.