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First Response Solutions

Get everyone working together.

When multiple agencies respond to an emergency — clear, consistent communication is critical to saving lives and ensuring the safety of emergency crews.

Alcor Global's First Responder Solutions unite our mobile computers, advanced data capture capabilities and wireless technology with partner software to make crucial information available to fire, police or other emergency teams so they can coordinate their response to the situation.

Ensure cohesive inter-agency communication.

During an emergency, any number of federal, state and local agencies may be on the scene. Alcor Global provides the technology needed for those agencies to coordinate their efforts.

  • Build an infrastructure to support the immediate and efficient flow of information between workers from different agencies at an emergency site.
  • Identify crew locations.
  • Quickly deploy medical aid if needed.

Help first responders make informed decisions on the spot.

With Alcor Global First Responder Solutions, emergency workers have the information and tools they need to quickly make critical decisions.

  • Fire crews have access to building plans.
  • EMS workers can exchange medical data with emergency rooms.
  • Police officers can access national and local criminal databases.