* Government Solutions

Mobile Data Access

Keep your fleet running smoothly.

Provide powerful information to police

Support the exchange of information among police officers, dispatchers and call-takers and increase the effectiveness of police in the field.

Alcor Global Mobile Data Access Solutions — wireless technology, scanning capabilities and mobile computers — provide police officers with on-the-scene access to critical, real-time data helpful in saving lives.

Extend your network to the streets

  • With Alcor Global Mobile Data Access Solutions, police officers are able to tap into key federal, state and local databases and check for outstanding warrants or past criminal history — all at the scene of an incident.
  • By extending the network from the station house to the scene, you increase communications and awareness while keeping radio airways available for emergency dispatches.

Download and upload

  • Along with downloading important information, officers can also upload data right from the scene by completing intuitive electronic forms designed for arrests, accidents or field interviews.
  • Information is then imported directly into a central database, eliminating redundant data entry and increasing accuracy.