* Logistics Solutions

Airline Solutions

Enhance passenger safety and satisfaction.

Baggage reconciliation is more than just a good idea — in many countries, it’s a requirement. Airline Solutions from Alcor Global not only automate the baggage-claim process, but help meet security mandates.

Passive radio frequency identification (RFID) tags automatically track baggage from the ticket counter to the aircraft, while a wireless local area network (WLAN) transmits baggage information used to match each piece of luggage with a passenger on the plane before takeoff.

Bring peace of mind to your passengers — by enhancing security and ensuring that their bags will be waiting for them when their plane lands.

Elevate your services.

Extend network capabilities to your airports and planes with a wireless network and:

  • Better manage customer itineraries and flight information with self-service kiosks.
  • Allow workers to better control maintenance activities and track cargo.
  • Satisfy passengers by giving them a way to access the Internet and e-mail while waiting for their flights.

Get to know your passengers.

Immigration and customs workers need accurate information to verify identities with speed and accuracy. Alcor Global’s Airline Solutions help you confirm ticketed passengers are who they say they are.

Our solutions also let you print and read data on boarding passes or quickly scan and validate passports at the gate, check-in counter or immigration checkpoint. You’ll enhance security and speed boarding processes at the same time.