* Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale Distribution

Track Inventory with Wholesale Distribution Solutions

Whether you're a wholesaler of durable or non-durable goods, using technology to work smarter can mean the difference between profit and loss.

Gaining visibility into your supply chain allows you to:

  • Quickly and accurately ship orders.
  • Reduce inventory shrinkage.
  • Empower your sales force with accurate inventory data.
  • Reduce carrying costs by storing only what you need.

Boost worker productivity.

Receive, put away, pick, pack, confirm and ship orders with our Wholesale Distribution Solutions, made up of our rugged mobile computers and industry-leading partner applications. Plus, our solutions allow associates to work hands-free with voice-directed technology.

Optimize your wholesale operations

As a wholesale distributor, you benefit from mobile technology in the following solution areas, designed to help increase efficiencies across your entire supply chain:

Field Mobility
Field Mobility
Increase the number of customer and maintenance calls per day, turn your service center into a profit center and transition from reactive maintenance teams to performing predictive maintenance.
Fleet Management
Fleet Management and Compliance
Gain the operations visibility you need to maximize truck and driver usage, increase operating efficiencies and please customers by delivering what's expected, when they expect it.
DSD Route Accounting
DSD Route Accounting
Enhance the productivity of your full-service, pre-sales or merchandising sales force.
Warehouse Management
Warehouse Management
Improve inventory positions, lower operating costs and enhance customer satisfaction in raw-materials, finished-goods and flow-through environments.

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