* Retail Solutions

Mobile Store Associate Solutions

Managing your store associates time and productivity.

The best place for your managers and sales associates to be is on the sales floor interacting with your customers.

By combining Alcor Global mobile computers and wireless infrastructure with partner applications, Alcor Global Store Associate Solutions get retail store managers, store clerks and supervisors out from behind their desks and on to the sales floor — boosting both productivity and customer satisfaction.

Additional benefits:

  • Read e-mail, assign tasks, work on reports, void transactions and check prices—from any location in the store.
  • Monitor the store from the back room, home or other off-site location with wireless video applications.
  • Keep in touch with department heads and associates with voice over Wi-Fi instead of public address systems.
  • Free up valuable time to focus more on the customer.
  • Boost in-store efficiencies and reduce hiring needs.