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Pidion BM-170, Smartphone

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1.5m Drop resistant, -20 to 55, TouchWindow - BM-170 is an enterprise-class PDA with sleek yet semi-rugged form factor. It is designed to withstand multiple 1.5m drops to steel surface and operate in a temperature range of -20 to 55. Moreover, the crack-resistant TouchWindow LCD supports substantial protection for the touch sensitive display.

HSDPA, WiFi, A-GPS - BM-170 provides accurate and high-speed data communication. HSDPA (3.5G) mobile radio allows high-performance voice and data communication and WiFi enables reliable wireless data transmission. Furthermore, an integrated A-GPS enables tracking mobile workers current location and streamlining route plan.

Avaliable Configurations
Model Cellular WLAN PAN RAM LCD Camera GPS OS
BM-170-B GSM 802.11 Bluetooth 128/256 QVGA 3Mpx A-GPS WM6.5
BM-170-C GSM 802.11 Bluetooth 256/256 VGA 3Mpx A-GPS WM6.5
BM-170-L1 - 802.11 Bluetooth 128/256 QVGA 3Mpx - WM6.5
BM-170-L2 - 802.11 Bluetooth 128/256 QVGA - - WM6.5
BM-170-L3 - 802.11 Bluetooth 256/256 VGA - A-GPS WM6.5

Power cable   220V
USB Cable
24pin to DCjack Converter
Product case 
Protection Film -