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Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

What are your engineers missing?

If your field personnel continue to rely on paper-based, manual processes then your engineers are not getting the data they need to make the best recommendations regarding production asset performance.

How do you close the loop?

In order to track, maintain and improve systems that may be under-performing, your employees need to be connected to an accurate flow of continuous relevant information on the very machines that keep your business moving forward.

Fortunately, Alcor Global Mobile Manufacturing Solutions can close the paper-based gap between the field and the assets they monitor. Our data capture technology, including bar codes and radio frequency identification (RFID), wireless infrastructure and mobile computing products work with partner applications to relay information to and from your field force at the point of activity.

The result is improved productivity, reduced errors and validated work processes. All of which lead to further improvements in asset performance for your organization.

Why add Alcor Global mobile extensions to your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system now?

  • Availability of cost-effective, enterprise-ready and easy-to-use handheld computers.
  • Accelerating deployment of local area wireless (WLAN) and wide area wireless (WWAN) networks to move data to and from the point of business activity.
  • Availability of new and more powerful tracking technologies such as two dimensional (2D) bar codes and RFID.
  • Emergence of new field force automation applications built to use the latest mobile technology.