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Mobile Manager Solutions

Manage as you move

Today’s manufacturing manager is faced with critical business decisions inside and outside the four walls — whether it’s a plant manager in the field or a sales executive on the road. When empowered with a handheld mobile computer, managers have access to the right business intelligence systems, enabling the right decisions to be made without delay.

Mobile managers can manage productivity applications such as e-mail, forecasting and scheduling while on the go, as well as have visibility to plant operations and issues that can be addressed without causing production downtime.

Mobile Manager Solutions by Alcor Global deliver benefits for both manufacturing and sales managers including:

  • Real-time updates.
  • Reduced errors and resolution issues, data entry costs and paper expenses.
  • Improved control of cash and inventory, consolidation of routes, shelf space analysis and elaborate pricing programs. Increased supply chain just-in-time delivery of finished product and the capability to address retailer requirements, such as scan-based trading (SBT).