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Mobile Physician Rounding Solutions

Better technology leads to better care.

Patients rely on their healthcare professionals for quality medical care.

The best use of a doctor's time is with his or her patient. By combining handheld mobile computing, wireless local area network (WLAN), Voice over WLAN and bar code technologies with leading clinical IT and medical device applications, Alcor Global Mobile Physician Rounding Solutions allow doctors to log information at the point of care — freeing them to devote their time to high-value patient care rather than paperwork.

Additional benefits:

  • Capture vitals, view lab reports and write up reports at the point of care.
  • Spend less time filling out charts and more time with patients.
  • Identify those high-risk patients who need the most care more quickly.
  • Reduce costly paper-based errors that could result in liability Improve physician productivity to see more patients in less time.
  • Provide more real-time care for a better patient experience.